Foundation Crack

Foundation Crack

If you’re noticing cracks in your foundation, it’s important to have a professional foundation company inspect your foundation and provide crack repair services before further damage occurs. At St. Louis Foundation Repairs, our foundation repair experts are well versed in providing foundation crack repair services to the St. Louis area. Whether your foundation is made of stone, concrete, masonry, or cinder blocks, our team has the knowledge and experience in providing long-lasting solutions.


The old houses of the late 1800s were usually built with stone foundations. Mortar was placed between the stones as the bonding agent, which made a strong wall that, 100 years later, still withstands the elements. But time and weather always take their toll. Freezing temperatures and expanding soils can move and crack stones, allowing water to penetrate the foundation. The repair (known as repointing) is easy and inexpensive, especially when the damage is discovered in its early stages.

Poured Concrete Walls

Poured concrete foundations walls are common and durable. Still, a poured concrete foundation can crack because of expansive soil conditions, substrate shifting, and winter frost intrusion. A crack under 1/8-inch thick is normal and does not require major structural repair, but it can allow water to seep into the basement or crawlspace, and does require repair. The most common repair is made with an injection of urethane. The advantages are the low cost of the repair, and the ability of the urethane to expand and completely fill the crack. Urethane is an effective sealant against water seepage, and also remains flexible enough to remain stable during seasonal changes and expanding soil conditions.

Cinder Block

The pressure exerted by the soil behind a cinder block wall can create holes in the block, which eventually become cracks. The cracks have a tendency to continue to break apart, which creates even more damage. Water buildup around the foundation or wall eventually erodes the cinderblock. It is best to repair these holes in block walls as soon as they develop.

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