Foundation Piering

Foundation Repairs

Whether you’re regularly in your basement or hardly at all, it’s important to know what’s supporting the rest of your home. We use various foundation repair methods in St. Louis to stabilize the homes we work on.

Steel beams to prevent lateral movement on poured concrete foundation wall in Olivette, MO
Steel piers being placed under stone foundation wall in St. Louis, MO


Foundation Piering (or piling) is a process of shifting or displacing the weight of the foundation onto a system of stabilizing piers that are anchored into load-bearing soil. They are commonly used to fix foundation issues caused by an improperly set foundation or an unstable substrate. We use a combination of a steel and concrete pier concentrically located.

Concentrically located foundation piers are steel pier that is located under the center of the footing directly under the foundation. Concentrically located piers are the preferred method of foundation piering used by St. Louis Foundation Repairs and can be used with a push pier method as well. These steel piers are also used with a ½” thick steel bearing plate and can be used to effectively bring a sinking home back to its level position.

Interior Wall Braces

Bowing, buckling, or significant foundation and wall cracks are most often caused by external pressure from wet, expansive soil, hydrostatic pressure from moisture build-up, or from frost heaving during the winter.

Wall braces are a common and effective solution, particularly when wall anchors won’t work because of outside obstructions (sidewalks, tree roots, gas lines, fences and pour soil conditions) that prevent placement of the yard anchor.

Wall braces are made of high strength steel, which is attached above the basement wall to the mudsill and firmly anchored in the floor. The brace is specifically fitted to span the entire height of the wall, fitted precisely. A top bracket allows the tension of the brace to be adjusted so the wall can be reset to its best vertical plumb. In most cases a 6X6 or 4X6 is lag bolted in between the floor joists to secure the top of the steel brace. When the floor joists run parallel with the wall being stabilized lateral bracing will be installed in between the floor joists in order to prevent lateral movement at the top of the brace.

Interior steel wall braces stabilizing poured concrete foundation wall in Olivette, MO
Full view carbon fiber straps foundation wall stabilization O'fallon, Mo

Carbon Fiber Repair Straps

Carbon fiber straps are the least invasive way to repair a bowing foundation wall, but because of the labor-intensive procedures and dust collection measures can also be more expensive in most cases. They can also be painted over once the project is completed, this is why we prefer a carbon fiber repair method at St. Louis Foundation Repairs.

The tensile strength of a 150 GSM carbon fiber strap is 213,000 PSI. Your concrete walls are only 300-700 PSI of tensile strength.

The carbon fiber repair straps are fused to the wall with an epoxy application, which creates a permanent bond that can easily secure a tremendous amount of weight. The straps have top angel iron bracket that is attached to the rim joist. The bottom of the wall is already secured by the concrete floor.

Unfortunately, carbon fiber straps are effective only when the wall simply has cracks or is bowed less than 2 inches. You will need a different solution if your wall is bowed more than 2 inches.

The foundation repair and pier experts at St. Louis Foundation Repairs can assess your foundation issues and recommend a viable solution that suits your unique foundation repair needs. Give our team a call today to schedule an inspection or get a free quote on helical or push foundation pier systems!

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