St. Louis Basement Waterproofing

St. Louis Basement Waterproofing

Ensuring the health and safety of your basement is essential, particularly as it typically houses your home’s heating and cooling systems. With expert St. Louis Basement Waterproofing, maintaining a secure, dry and  robust basement becomes achievable. We offer a range of basement waterproofing solutions tailored to protect your home from water penetration. Furthermore, our team of St. Louis Basement Waterproofing Experts will thoroughly inspect your basement and foundation. After this detailed assessment, they will recommend the most effective waterproofing method for your home. To start safeguarding your basement, contact a St. Louis Basement Waterproofing professional today and arrange your complimentary, no-obligation evaluation.

St. Louis Basement Waterproofing
St. Louis Drain tile installation

Interior Sump Pump & Drain Tile

If your basement frequently collects water, such as during heavy rains or due to poor drainage, or if you often find puddles forming, especially in low-lying areas, or if you’re dealing with seasonal flooding, then it’s highly likely that your St. Louis residence requires the installation of drain tile and a sump pump system.


To clarify, drain tile, which is also referred to as French tile, involves a network of specialized pipes. These pipes are cleverly buried just a few inches beneath the layer of gravel located under your basement floor. What they do is they run alongside the foundation footing of your house. Their purpose is quite simple yet crucial. They effectively guide excess water away from the foundation footing. This entire system works together harmoniously to prevent water from finding its way through cracks and infiltrating your basement.

Furthermore, it’s important to emphasize that drain tile and sump pump systems offer multifaceted benefits. In addition to safeguarding your basement from water intrusion, they also play a pivotal role in maintaining a dry crawl space. This proactive measure helps to keep your crawl space free from potentially harmful mold or mildew growth.

The intricate network of pipes ultimately leads to a pivotal component in this system: the sump pump pit. This is where a dependable sump pump is expertly installed. Its primary duty is to swiftly and efficiently pump excess water outside of your basement and away from your home’s foundation.

So, if you’re in St. Louis and you’re grappling with basement water issues, it’s reassuring to know that St. Louis Foundation Repairs is here to assist you. Our team of seasoned basement waterproofing experts stands ready to evaluate your unique situation thoroughly. Upon assessment, we will provide you with a customized waterproofing solution. This tailored approach may include the installation of a high-performance sump pump, addressing any necessary wall repairs, tackling leak problems head-on, and offering an array of other comprehensive services designed to meet the specific needs of residents in St. Louis.

Negative Side Waterproofing

Negative side waterproofing involves applying a coating to the interior side of foundation or basement walls. This method aims to block water from entering your living spaces. It’s often the preferred approach for basement waterproofing. This preference stems from the challenges associated with the exterior, or “positive side,” waterproofing. The positive side, being in contact with soil and water which demands significant excavation for repairs.


When it comes to materials, negative side waterproofing options vary. They include epoxy injections, cementitious coatings, and hydraulic cement. These materials are specially formulated to resist hydrostatic pressure and effectively seal any cracks in basement walls.

One of the key benefits of negative side waterproofing is its accessibility post-installation. Therefore, future repairs or touch-ups can be easily carried out without needing to remove surface materials or intrude into the underlying structure.

Interested in learning more about this method? Or perhaps you need information on drain tiles, sump pumps, leak repairs, or basement wall repairs? For these queries or to get a free quote, reach out to the basement waterproofing specialists at St. Louis Foundation Repairs. They’re ready to assist you with expert advice and solutions.


Before and after stone foundation waterproofing

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