Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting

If you have a cracked or uneven concrete slab, you have two repair options: tear out the slab, remove the debris, and re-pour a new one… or you can fix the problem with concrete slab lifting.

Concrete lifting is the same procedure used in the repair of roads, parking lots, and industrial floors, and is fast becoming the preferred method for the repair of unsettled residential driveways, porches, patios, sidewalks, and garage floors. At St. Louis Foundation Repairs, we have extensive experience and expertise providing concrete lifting and repair services to the St. Louis area.

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Cost and aesthetics are the main reasons most people prefer concrete slab lifting. To pour a new slab usually costs two to three times more than simply lifting the concrete. And, because the new slab does not stabilize the soil the way concrete lifting does, it is likely the new slab will eventually become unsettled in the future.

Also, a new slab will look wonderful after it is poured, but rarely will its color and texture match the surrounding concrete. This might be acceptable in some instances, but if you repair just a single sidewalk or patio section, the difference in appearance might be too noticeable. Our St. Louis foundation contractors offer concrete repair services to all of our customers in the area.

On the other hand, St. Louis Foundation Repair’s slab lifting method involves drilling a hole or series of holes depending on the size of the slab to be lifted, in the damaged slab approx 8” in diameter. A lifting steel lifting plate is then inserted in the hole, secured then a steel pier is pushed down through the center of the hole until it reaches stable strata then lifting the slab back into position. The holes are then filled with high strength cement to match the existing as close as possible leaving little visual evidence of the repair. With a particular method, we can even match old weathered concrete. Our St. Louis foundation contractors will also inject high expansion foam in the lift areas to fill any voids under the slab to help prevent critter access.

To remove a slab and replace it means a lot of jackhammer noise and huge dust clouds of fine dust that settles upon everything. Concrete lifting, however, is a much cleaner process that leaves no waste behind. It is faster and more convenient―most projects take only an hour or two―and after the work is completed, the area is ready for use within a few hours. With a new slab, you will need to wait a few days before putting weight on it.

If you would like to learn more about concrete repair and lifting services in the St. Louis area or would like a free quote, contact St. Louis Foundation Repairs today!

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